Sweet Chestnut

SCIENTIFIC NAME: castanea sativa (it belongs to the Fagaceae family)
ORIGIN: Italy and Central Europe
DENSITY: at an average moisture content of 12%, it has a specific weight of 580 kg/m3

This prestigious wood species, which has left evidence of its thousand-year existence, has represented a fundamental resource for the rural economy, particularly in hilly and mountainous areas of the Central Apennines.

Sweet chestnut is not only a wood of good appearance, but also a wood of excellent durability. These features, in addition to the substantial presence of this wood in Italy and in Europe, have made of sweet chestnut timber a must material for the production of high-quality windows, shutters and doors.

The sweet chestnut sawnwood with which FACOMA makes its glued laminated timber, is subjected to periods of maturation that respect wood natural timing of purification from the substances in excess. The residual percentage of tannins at the end of treatment can become an effective defence against the agents of deterioration of windows, shutters and doors.

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