Traceable Glulam

In an age of adulteration and uncertainty, such as the one we are living in, FACOMA strongly believes that the secret of success is in transparency as well as in tenacity.
Being a family of foodies, the Luciani’s have adapted the concept of food traceability to their business.

An identification system has been developed by this company to ensure the traceability of their products. This is why each item is internally and externally characterized by a batch code and by FACOMA’s trademark.

If any defects are found in the glued laminated timber used to produce any windows, shutters or doors, this identification system enables FACOMA’S customers to understand whether the non-conforming material was provided by FACOMA and whether the latter has therefore to repair the damage caused.

Thanks to this identification system that allows the traceability of FACOMA’s glue laminated timber, for the first time in Italy and in the international market it has been possible to sell Italian glulam items which are covered by a warranty.