FACOMA’s glulam is glued with adhesives based on high quality vinyl resins. These adhesives are free from fillers, solvents, formaldehyde and any other harmful substances.

The adhesives used by FACOMA belong to the D4 durability class and meet the requirements prescribed by the European standards EN 204-205: this means that they are highly resistant to moisture and suitable for weatherproof exterior wooden items.

To guarantee the best gluing results, FACOMA’s glued laminated timber is regularly subjected to rigorous testing procedures (i.e. creep test, Watt 91 test and traction test) at the most important national research and development centres within wood and furniture industry.

Heat resistance testing procedure

Tubes conditioning sequence before testing:

      1. 7 d in normal atmosphere (23°C / 50% u.r.).
      2. Conditioning at 80 +/- 2°C degrees for 60 +/- 2 minutes.

Notes: This procedure is based on a test originally developed in Germany known as WATT91

Shear strength testing procedure

After evaluating their resistance to heat, the 10 test specimens (a surface area of 200 mm2 ) are subjected to shear testing.

Conditioning sequence
Conditioning according to UNI EN 205
Durability class D4 (adhesive strength in N/mm2)
1 7 days in normal atmosphere > 10
2 7 days in normal atmosphere

4 days in cold water

> 4
3 7 days in normal atmosphere
6 hours in hot water
2 hours in cold water
> 4
4 7 days in normal atmosphere
6 hours in hot water
2 hours in cold water
7 days in normal atmosphere
> 8