Our History

FACOMA is not simply a company that operates in the production of glued laminated timber for windows, shutters and doors. It is first of all a family that works with passion and has been producing wood products since the First World War.

In 1970, continuing to produce the most useful items for the living environment, Mr Luciani began to specialize his family joinery business in the production of skirting boards, architraves and pelmets.

In the early Eighties, a major new project was started: the production of glued laminated timber for windows and shutters. 
The decision to start producing glued laminated timber comes from the desire to offer a viable alternative to solid wood, which is not highly resistant to weathering and therefore not recommended for the creation of windows and shutters.

This step allows FACOMA to mature, grow and then to give birth to a new generation. 
Today, Mr Luciani’s know-how his followed by his sons’ freshness and drive: Gianluca, in the technical field, and Fabio, in the commercial one. A mix of generations that is a perfect synthesis between past and future, tradition and innovation, competence and creativity.