About us

At FACOMA we produce glued laminated timber for windows, shutters and doors. We distinguish ourselves in the world market by offering a warranty that covers any gluing defect in our products.

Besides the above-mentioned product warranty, which represents a precious added value for glulam, our company has many other strong points, starting from the core values at the basis of FACOMA’s philosophy:

  • good work performance, service expertise and quality products;
  • efficiency and courtesy towards customers;
  • healthy, safe and comfortable environment for workers.

The demand of high-quality glulam is for FACOMA the main stimulus aimed at achieving the utmost perfection in production and organizational processes. Proof of this is the special attention that we pay to the selection of raw materials and to the removal of their potential imperfections, in order to get the most homogeneous and uniform glued laminated timber possible.

Always engaged in research and ready to innovate in all aspects of our joinery business (i.e. materials, processing and storage techniques, transportation of finished products), at FACOMA we provide our customers the best solutions to meet their needs.