Door Kits

Available in sweet chestnut, white oak (USA) or European oak (Slavonia), white ash and toulipier, FACOMA’s door kit is designed for interior use and is made up of the following elements:

door frames:
jambs and heads
door leaves:
jambs and rails
solid wood glued panels:
a pair of panels or a single panel

A warranty covers gluing defects in all FACOMA’s door kit components except panels.

Pictures below represent sweet chestnut glued laminated timber for doors.

Door Frames (Jambs and Heads)

Door Leaves (Jambs and Rails)

Door Leaves (Bottom Rails)

Solid Wood Edge Glued Panels

To see FACOMA’s glulam for door kits in the other available timber species, please click on:

To read the table with all the available sections for FACOMA’s glulam beams for door kits, please click here.

For further general information on sweet chestnut wood, please click here.